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Inside a secret laboratory in the middle of nowhere, a nuclear fluid was created, the strongest power source ever seen by mankind. Two scientists working on a giant robotic machine, powered by that fluid, supposed to change the world for good. One of the scientists however, seems to have other intentions. His evil influence twists their fate, bringing deadly creatures to life, in order to annihilate humanity. Can you survive?

Deadly Labs is a side scrolling survival shooter with a highly dynamic environment. Lots of things can be shot, destroyed or thrown, causing randomness and a variety of playing experience. The player’s mission is to survive a certain time, defending a toxic Poison-Barrel, while the enemy characters try to blow up the place.

The physics engine was used to create a new balance system for the different enemy creatures, where they are trying to keep on their feet once they were hit. Most of the enemy animations will happen dynamically by balancing their ragdolls, so only a few static animations were made for them. You never know what’s going to happen!

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